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Pack Walks are a social experience, but it is not playtime. These organized, structured walks are meant to fulfill your dog's natural instincts to travel as a group. These walks are designed to meet your dogs physical, mental, and social needs in a safe and structured way. 

Pack walks will be scheduled 1-4 times per month on weekday evenings or weekends based on the forecast. If you're a pack member, you'll receive an email notification in advance regarding place and time. 

We will meet in a local park in the OKC metro and travel as a pack for approximately 30 minutes to an hour. I will help with ongoing training and appropriate social behavior.  This is also an AKC Fit Dog Club!  

Reactive dogs are allowed with approval!! Pack walks are a great way for reactive dogs in training to begin passive socialization in a controlled environment. 

Membership Requirements:

  • Invitation only. Usually, you'll be approved after a Private Lesson or Solo Training Walk with me.

  • Physical ability to travel at a brisk leisurely pace for an hour. 

Contact me to Join The Pack! 

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