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Welcome to Offbeat Obedience! I'm Mallori. I have been training dogs professionally for over 15 years. I also have a Master's degree in art therapy from Florida State University.  

I firmly believe that all dogs need a foundation in obedience. In my experience, many problematic behaviors can be prevented by an obedience-based understanding and respect between the dog and their family. Additionally, the path to eliminating existing problem behaviors starts with structured obedience.

My job is to help you and your dog become a great team. I want you to have a great companion while you’re binging TV, a polite host when guests come to your home, a buddy to go with you to the local brewery, or a workout partner on that jog at the park.

Your dog can't live up to their potential without your help!


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Every dog is an individual and deserves a training plan that meets their needs. 

I believe in Balanced Training. In brief, this means a consistent balance of reward for desired behavior and consequences for unwanted behavior.

Corrections are used to stop unwanted behavior in the present. *Consequences should never cause pain or fear. It is not about punishment.*

Dogs want to make us happy! The real learning happens through reward. Treats have their place but I prefer to use praise and play in most cases.


It really depends and there are a lot of factors to consider:

  • Training goals

  • Dog temperament

  • Quality and quantity of homework in between sessions

  • Owner consistency

We can do as many or as few sessions - as often or infrequently - as you need. Sessions can involve the family, just the trainer and dog, or a mix of both.


The best dog I ever had was a neurotic, anxious, awkward German Shepherd named Duncan. He came to me when he was 4 years old with a list of specialized training needs. It was hard work. And it took time.

Throughout our lengthy training process I always told him: “You’re better than this. We are not common dogs.” 

He wasn’t a common dog. 
And neither is yours.

They’re exceptional. We just have to show them what we want.


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I have tried to work with Opie off an on using a ton of books I've bought (All using some variation of the Kohler method). This may work with some dogs, but it doesn't work with Opie. In the last 2 sessions with Mallori I have noticed big changes and I AM STOKED. BIG THANK YOU.

Bryce W.

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